Beginner to Advanced

Fit-Werks’ mission is to provide the best facility for the average, every-day person to experience exceptional fitness training and to accomplish extraordinary goals. To make everyone we associate with better at every aspect of life through fitness and nutritional guidance, while adhering to these core values:
– An atmosphere that is focused on clients’ results (ALWAYS)
– Provides an environment that facilitates learning at all levels
– An example to everyone within our sphere of influence
– Provides a safe and secure place for clients and team
– Positive environment for success for clients and team
– Maintains a responsible and profitable business
– Always provides opportunities for personal and financial growth for our team

Large Group Training (Bootcamp)

Have you been searching for a way to live a healthy lifestyle but feel like you don’t have the time or the drive? Are you struggling to hold yourself accountable to live the life you want? Fit-Werks has the solution!

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Fit-Werks Barbell Club

Fit-Werks Barbell Club is a physical and mental training program that’s designed exclusively for athletes who are working to become more powerful. Our program teaches athletes how to safely and effectively lift weights and helps develop good techniques, address imbalances, and increase muscle.

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Glute-Werks is a women’s only small group resistance training program. This program was created with the intentions of bringing like-minded women together to learn, lift, and laugh together. Build your curves by focusing on the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core for an hour-long session, twice a week.

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Personalized Coaching

Are you tired of yoyo dieting? Do you just not feel motivated to improve your health and fitness levels? Do you know what you “should” do, but are still having a hard time getting it done? Accountability is key! Our personalized coaching will add a layer of accountability on top of our efficient fat burning and muscle building bootcamp workouts.

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